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Peter Riddles shares his thoughts on Innovation

Our team recently had the opportunity to host Dr Peter Riddles as part of our ongoing series of Leadership roundtable events

Global Innovation leader Dr Peter Riddles led the discussion in the Oppeus Boardroom sharing good conversation with innovative senior business figures.

Peter is a board member of CSIRO and a Member of its Science and Industry Endowment Fund and is a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme Committee of AusIndustry. He is a Fellow of the California Technology Council, and has served on the Alberta Research and Innovation Authority (Canada); the Innovation Australia Board, the Industry Research and Development Board of Australia, and the New Zealand Biotechnology Fund.

Peter shared some of his experiences and stories that have shaped his views on the role and the need for scientific innovation in Australia.

What is innovation? The conversation covered Innovation systems; Innovation and Science; International experience: the “need” for innovation; who does innovation?; the role of the public sector science in innovation systems; the importance of collaboration in innovation and where to for Australia?

The conversation was vigorous with participants sharing successes and failures in innovation. The conclusion was that we should gather again to continue the conversation to help guide government and the private sector in making the best fist of innovation.

This is the third in our series of leadership roundtables having previously hosted events with Chris Garlick, Chief Executive of Starbucks and Richard Cousins, Chairman of CommandHub.

You can connect with Peter Riddles, Victor Perton or Nicholas Varigos on LinkedIn