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4 Secrets to being a great place to work

By Kelley Reynard

In today’s competitive global market, organisations are continuously endeavouring to innovate and improve their systems and processes to achieve financial and economic success. It is common knowledge that those organisations who are deemed successful (Google always comes to mind), constantly innovate and collaborate so they can become better than great, enable their employees to have a voice and communicate their ideas with each other, build a foundation of trust and respect throughout the organisation, and offer value to their customers and consumers without the hefty price tag.

Any organisation can be like a Google and be considered a great place to work. However, the power and authority to make this happen needs to come from the top; to create a culture where employees are passionate about what they do and love coming to work.

Paul Giobbi, CEO of Zumasys, INC, believes there are 4 secrets to being a great place to work:

1. Hire the Right People
2. Trust Your Employees Completely
3. Invest in Culture
4. Find Purpose

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