For a successful candidate starting in a new role there are a myriad of things to try and take in. Not only that, but more often than not, you probably have advisors and mentors all professing their transition process is best. Key things to remember when trying to rapidly establish credibility and get ‘quick wins’ include:


What message do you want to convey and what stamp do you want to put on the organisation? Be clear of your intent and purpose and consistently re-evaluate how your message is being conveyed when you commence in your new role


Who do you need to build close relationships with to foster quick wins? Ensure you put aside quality time to think about how you will build relationships, influence and engage key stakeholders.

Leadership/Situation Reflection:

What does the situation you are entering demand of you? Reflect on your own leadership abilities on the context of your new organization and determine if you need to learn anything new or overcome any obstacles to have maximum positive impact in your new role.

Absorbing your Environment:

Ensure you ‘get out there’ and learn the font line of the business as soon as possible to quickly establish credibility and respect throughout the organisation.