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Oppeus International Announce New Singapore Office and Board Appointment

Dear Sir/Madam

New Oppeus International Office

The Oppeus International core business philosophy, “Finding and Supporting Great Leaders”, assumes a new and exciting dimension with our decision to open an Asian Hub office in Singapore.

For quite some time Oppeus International has been of the strong opinion that the emergence of the “Asian Century” will necessitate important changes in how service firms cater to their clients’ needs and nowhere will this be more apparent than in executive search and leadership advice. Having great leaders is more important today than ever before!

In particular, Australian and international companies either expanding or establishing a beach-head in the Asia-Pacific region will increasingly need to be able to tap into that market to find its executive talent. The reasons are obvious – experienced local executives will bring local knowledge (commercial and geo-political), cultural alignment, linguistic skills, networks and a commitment to live in the region, to the Australian operation.

Oppeus International believes the aggressive focus on Asian growth emanating from around the globe will increase pressure in what is already an overheated market for top leadership talent. This will affect not only the global players but have a direct impact on the local corporations operating in Asia who will need to fight harder to attract and retain their talent.

In our discussions with clients, the Asian growth story is an oft-repeated theme. Typical questions revolve around how to tap into it, how to maximise the opportunity, how to best manage the operation and, most importantly, how to win. Where do we find the leaders to make the positive winning difference in this region?

At Oppeus International, we firmly believe that we can be a valued partner in your Asian-Pacific growth story as it pertains to building your executive leadership. But it can only be done by having a local partner staffed by people who know the executive search market throughout the region and who utilise a global partnering model for the benefit of clients.

We look forward to speaking to you about your leadership and organisational needs, either in Asia-Pacific, Australia or globally.

Board appointment

Let me also take the opportunity to announce the appointment of Mr. Les Cupper as Non-Executive Chairman. Les has had a diverse career spanning the fields of education, mining, manufacturing and financial services. He held senior executive leadership roles in line and human resources management in Australia and internationally, including the mining conglomerate Rio Tinto and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Before joining the corporate world, Les worked in academia for a decade specialising in labour economics, employee relations and human resources. He now runs his own corporate advisory firm Invisible Hand Consulting. Les also brings to Oppeus International extensive Board experience, both local and International.

Kind regards

Nicholas Varigos

Managing Director

Oppeus International