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What You Need To Consider When Hiring a Recruitment Firm

By Kelley Reynard

When you make the decision to engage in the services of an external recruitment firm, there are certain factors you should be exploring to determine the relationship. Establishing an excellent culture, allowing employees to be innovative and creative, and the ability to motivate and retain employees are some of the key drivers to organisational and financial success.

Like seeing a Psychologist who is licensed, has extensive experience, and is able to manage their own health and wellbeing; when engaging with an external recruitment firm, you would seek to hire someone whose behaviour you can model from. If the firm has widespread experience and knowledge, success with the candidates they are placing, outstanding organisational culture and low employee turnover, and timely communication between yourself and the point of contact, they could be considered your ideal firm to engage with.

Because your employees will be your most valuable asset, and in most cases will also be your greatest cost, the recruitment process and hiring the right people from the start is critical. Like choosing a qualified and experienced Psychologist to help you learn to cope with certain situations, selecting an experienced external recruitment firm with the knowledge and success rate to make an informed decision about a candidate is just as important.

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