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Quietly Powerful Leaders - The Changing Face of Leadership

Oppeus International “Finds and Supports Great Leaders” and last week we had the privilege of hosting a round table leadership forum/luncheon at the Athenaeum Club with special guest presenter – Ms Megumi Miki. Megumi’s topic was “Quietly Powerful Leaders – the changing face of leadership.” She addressed a diverse group of CEOs, Board Directors, business leaders, HR leaders, entrepreneurs, recruitment experts and consultants.
Her presentation struck deeply with those in attendance who in turn provided Megumi with numerous reasons as to why Quietly Powerful Leaders are needed now more than ever.
The team at Oppeus warmly thanks Megumi for sharing her personal journey, research, knowledge and insights into this key topic. It is clear that both the business and the broader worlds can benefit greatly when we recognise and support a cohort of leaders that may otherwise be overlooked. Thanks also to our guests who attended and Jennifer Yap and the teams at Oppeus and the Athenaeum Club.