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The Value of Incorporating Psychometric Assessment in your Recruitment Process

Psychometric assessments are becoming increasingly popular to test a candidate’s suitability in the job selection process. They are rapidly gaining influence for their power and proven method of delivering significant business value, and refer to the process of measuring a candidate’s relevant strengths and weaknesses. The aim of the psychometric tests is to gain an accurate bearing of the candidate’s cognitive abilities and personality/behavioural style, and relates more specifically to the objective assessment of personal characteristics that are necessary to the role. There are a range of psychometric assessments on the market, and many organisations will offer customised batteries of tests to target specific cognitive abilities, and that are matched to the requirements of the role.

Recruiting staff is a very costly exercise, and since the inception of psychometric assessments, those companies who utilise them can cut recruiting costs dramatically – by 50% to 95% in some cases. Psychometric tests allow employers to separate candidates into categories; those who should be considered, those who require further screening, and those who the organisation will not consider. While the interview still remains a key component of the selection process, being able to understand what motivates people, and how they think, feel, and react, adds incredible value to the decision making process. An organisation may have all the latest technology and best physical resources, but if they do not have the best people, they will struggle to achieve the goals and results they are striving for. That is why getting it right at the beginning is critical for organisational success. Psychometric tests add another dimension, providing insight into candidate/job fit that even the best interviewer cannot.